Blockchain Centre Shanghai
As the headquarters of China, Blockchain Centre Shanghai integrates 1) Community & Events 2) Education & Trainings 3) Incubation of Blockchain Start-ups 4) Cross-border Art Exhibition and 5) Industry Talent Pool, aiming to bolster the adoption and education of blockchain technology. The newly established Blockchain Centre Shanghai held its grand opening on September 9th. The ceremony was hosted by Aising Gong—Global Engagement Director of Blockchain Centre, opening speakers were Sam Lee—founder and CEO of Blockchain Global and founder of Blockchain Centre, Djauhari Oratmangun—Ambassador of Indonesia, Joanna Bunting—Counselor of the Australian Embassy, and Takatoshi Shibayama—CEO of Blockshine Singapore. Blockchain Centre Shanghai is located on Room 101, Building No.3, 546 Yuyuan Lu, we look forward to your visit.
Blockchain Centre Melbourne
As the leading Blockchain community and knowledge hub in Australia, Blockchain Centre Melbourne aims to help individuals, schools, universities, small business, corporations, not for profits, charities, city councils and all areas of local, federal and overseas governments to better understand Blockchain technology and connect these organizations; and create opportunities for the Blockchain Centre startup community.
Blockchain Centre Vilnius
Blockchain Centre Vilnius is your gateway to an international community of more than 2,000 blockchain entrepreneurs, start-ups, and experts.  Our strong business, financial, and technology partnerships with organizations around the globe will help turn your great idea into a successful business, with a world-class ICT infrastructure, a flexible, multilingual talent pool, favorable business and regulatory environment, and access to the Euro zone and a single European market of more than 500m consumers. Companies of all sizes, from a range of sectors, are already flourishing here.
Dubai Blockchain Center
Dubai Blockchain Center was inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai on the 13th of May 2018. The center aims to bring together blockchain thought leaders, developers, investors, and educators. It is a place to engage with the blockchain community. A place where people can learn, mentor or share their ideas. The center can be used for courses, events, meetups and hackathons.
Blockchain Centre Colombia
Blockchain Centre Colombia is the largest blockchain knowledge hub in the latin american region. We work as the articulators of the different entities that want to collaborate around blockchain technology such as government entities, the private sector, investors, entrepreneurs and developers. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in Latin America. We provide a unique place to share ideas, knowledge and best practices. Blockchain Centre Colombia is the benchmark for blockchain consulting in areas such as education, events, technology, legal and finance.
Blockchain Centre Suzhou
Located in the innovation industrial park of the ancient, classical Chinese city of Suzhou, and with the collaboration with Soochow University, Blockchain Centre Suzhou gathers the talents and participants of the industry and academics. In addition, Blockchain Centre Suzhou and Soochow University co-founded Sudada Blockchain Lab, focusing on the research of the technology, application on the industry.

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